Tuesday, July 29, 2014

21. Delight (SpaRitual) - A Polish That Was Gifted To Me

Here's a brand I haven't tried in a while. Sparitual is a brand that prides itself on something called Slow Beauty:
 "It is a place unconstrained by time, envy or vanity. This world of Slow Beauty. Where the practice of restoration and healing begins with a choice. Unique to our body care and nail lacquer categories are four States of Slow Beauty. Each contains a signature scent and color palette to create a multisensory State of Slow Beauty experience."

Uh huh.

Still, I adore their bottle design and applaud the fact that the polish is vegan. They call Delight a 'light milky green creme' but I'd say more blue than green, aqua really. For a pastel it wasn't absolutely horrendous, but it did need three coats. Beyond that, I just took the usual care with a pastel. The result is in fact delightful.

Polish that:
was gifted to me

reminds me of a special day
is sexy
is a pastel
is hard to apply
i can't pull off
would be worn to a wedding
is blue
is new
is from a favorite brand
was loved but is now hated
is overrated

was hated but is now loved
hasn't been worn in some time

matches my favorite outfit

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