Monday, July 28, 2014

Zoya Holo Jellies of Awesome - Dream, Aurora, Storm, Payton

Dream (Zoya) is a brilliant cobalt blue jelly filled with holo glitter. It applies smoothly and covers at two to three coats. It's absolutely phenomenal, I have no complaints about it!

I love this polish as much as I love its cousins. I realized that I had Storm and Aurora but for some unearthly reason never swatched them! I did have Payton already swatched, here it is.

Aurora and Storm have the same composition as their gorgeous cousins. Jelly bases of their primary color and lots of holo glitter packed in. I think the only one of this kind from Zoya that I don't have is Blaze and that's just because I didn't like the red so much at first sight. To be honest with myself though, there's a high chance I acquire it before the winter comes (if Zoya doesn't give us more goodies... preferably in greens!). The best part of these polishes is that they aren't rough or textured and go on quite smoothly. Love em!



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