Sunday, July 27, 2014

Spotted A Bit Of Yellow Out There - Yellow Spotted (Sinful Colors) & Yellow Out There (Sinful Colors)

I'm enjoying yellow nail polishes recently. They get a bad rep because of their formulas but I can sometimes get past it because of how pretty yellow shades look with my skin, especially when worn in the summer. Sinful Colors has been on a nail polish release marathon for spring and summer, here's two more I picked up recently.

Yellow Spotted (Sinful Colors) is a bright yellow with lots of shimmer, enough that it changes the consistency from a creme to something... else. The formula makes it a cousin to Cinderella (Sinful Colors). Polishes with this kind of formula usually have troublesome application, which this did. It was very sheer, and I barely got some opacity at three coats. Allow for the polish to dry between coats to allow for any success in application. Aim for three even coats.

Over it, I layered Yellow Out There (Sinful Colors), a yellow jelly base with with a sparse spread of small round and bar glitter. I swiped two coats over Yellow Spotted to get the look I have in this pic. It was a bit too sheer to work alone, but it looks absolutely great over other yellows. I also like that the bar glitter is spread out and not at all overpowering. Lovely :)

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