Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Times Square Tangerine Creme (NYC) - A Polish That Is Inexpensive

This is definitely an inexpensive polish at $0.99.

Dry time was slow but I sort of expected that from the formula and amount of coats it took to apply. It's a lovely summer color and I always recommend NYC for quick colorful polishes that won't hurt your wallet- most of them range from $0.99 for the Long Wearing line to $1.99 for the In a New York Color Minute line. I'm pretty sure they've all but stopped producing new colors for the Long Wearing line though but the NYC Minute line gets occasional seasonal limited time updates.

Polish that:
is my favorite
is my least favorite 
makes me happy
is "so me"
reminds me of a special day
has never been worn
is worn often
was gifted to me
is vampy
is boring
is from a favorite brand
is from a least favorite brand
is blue
is inexpensive
has a name that describes me
was loved but is now hated
is overrated
was coveted
is from my favorite collection
is a glitter
is a pastel
was hated but is now loved
would be worn to a wedding
hasn't been worn in some time
is easy to apply
is hard to apply
is sexy
is new
i can't pull off
matches my favorite outfit

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