Monday, March 4, 2013

Polish Challenge, classic style

There's nothing like a plain old polish challenge that encourages me to shop my stash. This one I found off a random stumbling upon on via a Google search. The image sources is from Linz Lacquer but I don't know if that's the origin of the challenge. Still, I can't help but think that new month = new polish fun though I can't guarantee it will take 30 days or be in order or even be in its original prompt format!!

Polish that:
  • is my favorite
  • is my least favorite 
  • makes me happy
  • is "so me"
  • reminds me of a special day
  • has never been worn
  • is worn often
  • was gifted to me
  • is vampy
  • is boring
  • is from a favorite brand
  • is from a least favorite brand
  • is blue
  • is inexpensive
  • has a name that describes me
  • was loved but is now hated
  • is overrated
  • was coveted
  • is from my favorite collection
  • is a glitter
  • is a pastel
  • was hated but is now loved
  • would be worn to a wedding
  • hasn't been worn in some time
  • is easy to apply
  • is hard to apply
  • is sexy
  • is new
  • i can't pull off
  • matches my favorite outfit

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