Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fuchsia Shock Creme (NYC)

Application wasn't so good but it was ultimately manageable. It dries quickly and glossy. The result is a bright defiant fuchsia. Great for summer but not for the shy or cool toned. 

As you can tell from the drive-by review, I was distracted by something else. I kept seeing blue! A good number of the pink polishes I've bought have this blue undertone that bares its face especially on the first coat where everything is streaky. That's why it's so easy to notice unevenness in a fuchsia polish, you can literally spot the lines of blue and you have to even it out for the pink to dominate.

So I asked myself, why are pink polishes so blue? Then I realized that I don't actually know that answer so I asked Google. Google didn't help, at least not in the first two minutes I spent looking through the results for that answer. I did notice something very interesting when I was choosing some colors in a color swatch thingy online.

Red + Blue on the RGB color picker is Magenta (aka Fuchsia). Wild, right? See, I always thought Red + Blue would automatically make Purple... not always so.

Actually, now that I'm actually paying attention, purple is an equal reduction of both red and cyan.  The only redeeming part of having my mind blown is that Yellow + Blue is Green... well, no because actually Yellow + Cyan is Green.

Cool, right?


Fine, I'll just be over here with my nerdy self :p

Also, Wikipedia answers everything. Start with the color models and just click around till you accidentally acquire a PhD in colorimetry.

This is still a nail polish blog, I promise. I'm pretty sure the lab techs who actually create these formulas have to have a solid grasp of how color works to be able to come up with yummy duochromes and gorgeous shimmers and unique cremes.

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