Sunday, March 24, 2013

9. Sudden Impulse (Joss) - A Polish That Has A Name That Describes Me

This felt like the perfect fit for "a polish that has a name that describes me", especially after the shoe sale binge I went on today.

Sudden Impulse is my first holo lacquer; I haven't ever been really taken in by holos despite the hype they receive from nail blogs. However, I saw this gorgeous red/pink holo swatched, decided it was worth a try, and with another impulse buy, grabbed it for my stash just before it sold out on Llarowe. It applied in two coats which took me by pleasant surprise and the only downside is that it started chipping before the day was out, even after a top coat of Seche Vite.

I'm not all sold on the holo polish craze, but I did love this one. It wasn't as loud as others I've seen (which I liked) and the holographic effect had excellent dimension.

Polish that:
has a name that describes me

is a glitter

is my favorite
is my least favorite 
makes me happy
is "so me"
reminds me of a special day

is worn often
was gifted to me
is from a favorite brand
is from a least favorite brand
is blue

was loved but is now hated
is overrated

is a pastel
was hated but is now loved
would be worn to a wedding
hasn't been worn in some time

is hard to apply
is sexy
is new
i can't pull off
matches my favorite outfit

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