Thursday, March 14, 2013

6. Racey Rouge (Sally Hansen) - A Polish That Is Boring

A boring red? Yes.

For a polish called Racey Rouge it gave me no thrills. It's a pretty standard red creme; no complaints on application, though opacity does take three coats. As pretty as it is to look at, the red is very safe (as far as reds go). I wanted a bit more va-va-voom but it came out too soft looking. Ah well, still lovely enough to wear for the day.

Polish that:
is my favorite
is my least favorite 
makes me happy
is "so me"
reminds me of a special day
has never been worn

is worn often
was gifted to me
is vampy
is boringis from a favorite brand
is from a least favorite brand
is blue
is inexpensive
has a name that describes me
was loved but is now hated
is overrated
was coveted
is from my favorite collection

is a glitter
is a pastel
was hated but is now loved
would be worn to a wedding
hasn't been worn in some time
is easy to apply

is hard to apply
is sexy
is new
i can't pull off
matches my favorite outfit

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