Friday, March 29, 2013

11. I is for Innocent - A Polish That Is New

This is kind of embarassing but I got Innocent (Sinful Colors) today specifically because I needed a polish name that began with the letter "I". Sinful Colors having the most options for a quick emergency polish, I grabbed the first "I" name I saw regardless of the fact that I'm not the biggest fan of chartreuse (or rather it's not the biggest fan of my skin tone). Only to get home and find out that I had Island Coral which I adore. Ah well, confessions of a lacquerholic.

Despite my lack of enthusiasm, Innocent wasn't too bad. Application was good and coverage was easily achieved in two coats with great dry time. This is definitely a polish that would be great for stamping or nail art, if only I could kick myself into gear about getting all the tools I need for that (it's been on the brain for a while). Gotta love Sinful Colors though, it's nice to go to a store and have an entire range to choose from and not feel like you'd be maxing your budget out to fulfill a whim.

Polish that:
is new

is from a favorite brand
has a name that describes me
is a glitter

is my favorite
is my least favorite 
makes me happy
is "so me"
reminds me of a special day

is worn often
was gifted to me
is from a least favorite brand
is blue

was loved but is now hated
is overrated

is a pastel
was hated but is now loved
would be worn to a wedding
hasn't been worn in some time

is hard to apply
is sexy
i can't pull off
matches my favorite outfit

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