Sunday, April 21, 2013

14. Eye of the Tiger Lily (Flower) - A Polish That I Can't Pull Off

The last time I reviewed Eye of the Tiger Lily (Flower), I was less than pleased with the results. Not only did the shade just not work for me (though it’s quite pretty on its own and has become a Flower brand favorite), the application was incredibly troublesome and didn’t deliver the promised results. So when I thought of a polish I can’t pull off, I immediately thought of Tiger Lily and just in case it was just bad luck application, decided to review it again.

I’m all for second chances, however some things are just not meant to be.

Application was hard to control and opacity even harder to come by (somewhat passable because it is a jelly, I suppose). At three coats, I can still see my VNL though the flash in my camera hides most of it in the pics. I experienced dragging and unevenness even when I waited an extra-long time between coats. One thing I will give it though is that it did dry shiny and glossy. For someone else, this might be worth the trouble, but for me this is going right back to the Blog Sale.

Polish that:
i can't pull off

would be worn to a wedding
is blue
is new
is from a favorite brand
has a name that describes me
is a glitter

is my favorite
is my least favorite 
makes me happy
is "so me"
reminds me of a special day

is worn often
was gifted to me
is from a least favorite brand
was loved but is now hated
is overrated

is a pastel
was hated but is now loved
hasn't been worn in some time

is hard to apply
is sexy
matches my favorite outfit

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