Monday, January 28, 2013

Flower Cosmetics by Drew Barrymore - Eye of the Tiger Lily (Flower)

Second of my Flower by Drew Barrymore goodies is Eye of the Tiger Lily.

Eye of the Tiger Lily is a bright orange creme jelly (crelly?) with a truly awesome name and color though unfortunately not as awesome application. The color is perfectly matched to the polish's descriptive name; there's no orange like that of the tiger lily but this polish does its best to live up to it.

However, application was a bit of a bother. The first coat was very sheer and was less than encouraging but I did as the bottle's directions asked and waited a few moments before adding the second. The formula was all thick and thin at once which made controlling it a pain and it dragged against the first coat causing bald spots. Even the bits that didn't drag didn't achieve full opacity and I could still see visible nail line. On the third coat, the full effect of the color came through and while that was pleasing, I'm not sure I can say that it was all worth the trouble.

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