Blog Sale

  • Email me at sensiblenails @ gmail . com for all inquiries

  • Paypal only. 
    • Please send via the "send money" option only otherwise seller fees will be invoiced to you.
    • Only send payment after I contact you via email with a confirmation of available inventory and the total sale amount.
  • Payment expected within 24 hours after I confirm availability or your order will be considered cancelled.

  • These prices ONLY for the USA
    • $1.50 for the first item,
    • $0.50 for every item after that.
    • EXAMPLE: If you buy four items, instead of $6.00 in shipping costs, you only pay $3.00.
    • If there is a cheaper shipping option (example, flat rate box for a large amount of polish, I will let you know).
  • Items for sale will be marked either new or used. Most used items will only have been used twice at the most for swatching purposes. I will clearly indicate if otherwise. 
  • Pictures are available but I recommend checking out swatches to gauge color accuracy.

INVENTORY (all sold out, thank you!)

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