Sunday, September 23, 2012

Collection Clearance Haul - On Safari (China Glaze)

Sometimes a collection is an immediate must-acquire situation, but if you can bear to wait, WAIT. I was really enamored of most of the shades from CG’s Safari collection but I hesitated. Hesitation was a great thing because yesterday I dropped in at my local Sally Beauty Supply and lo and behold- red tag clearance (that means the clearance products are at half off!)

I snagged me Desert Sun, Man Hunt (love!), Jungle Queen (so pretty and cool!), Kalahari Kiss, and Elephant Walk. Basically ALL of the ones I wanted. For under $10!!

I even got my sis the I Herd That (not pictured) she’d been begging for and kept digging through my stash to look for. *squee*

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