Wednesday, August 22, 2012

San Francisco (Sinful Colors)

San Francisco dreaming... well, not quite. I don't quite understand the name for this polish. San Francisco (Sinful Colors) comes off golden, red, or watery blue, in my head. Or maybe even a foggy grey? Not this bright Christmassy green that is nonetheless beautiful. My current temp job is at a retail store and I got a lot of compliments from  customers as I was checking them out, which I admit made me love this polish more (who doesn't love compliments?!) than I did- though I did like it a lot.

I love a green that brings out my skin tone without washing it out and this is what this jewel tone did. It's a perfect emerald green in my opinion because it tilts towards a very subtle blue while being stubbornly rich and yellow toned green; just like emeralds. I'd call this polish Esmeralda for accuracy if I was given naming rights. The bright green shimmer is the stunner in this base and like most shimmers, I had an easy time with application. It covered in two coats, but I wanted three coats for perfect shimmer depth. If you get a thicker formula in your bottle, just add a few drops of thinner and voila, awesomeness!

Now can the holiday season get here so I can whip this out with more regularity than I would in the middle of Summer/Fall?!

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