Monday, March 19, 2012

Riveting (China Glaze)

Books and nail polish; these are a few of my favorite things.

My splurge for the month:
Riveting (China Glaze)
Price: $5.50
MSRP: 7.50
A gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous orange jelly with eye popping red and gold glitter. It shines brilliantly in the sunlight (which unfortunately these aren't taken in) and turns almost copper-gold in nighttime lights (neon signs, street lamps, etc). Fair warning, you won't keep your eyes off your nails with this on. I keep glancing at my nails and smiling like a goof. I completely understand the excitement over it now and why I couldn't find it at my locals (Drugstores, Ulta, & Sally) and had to get it online.

The brilliant color just sings out to you and in some lights seems literally lit from within. Easy application- this particular mani was done in three coats but I was being extra sparing on the brush with each application just to test how quick it would get to prime non-opacity. I controlled this a lot better than I usually do nail polish (amateur mani-ist!), but I'm biased as I had cremes on all last week and I never have much luck with neatness from cremes.

Bottom line: if you get nothing else from this collection, acquire Riveting immediately!

So freaking worth it!

Creating a new tag for this one, *favorite :)

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