Monday, April 23, 2012

For Audrey (China Glaze)

For Audrey (China Glaze)
Price: $5.50
MSRP: 7.50

It's one of the best loved China Glaze colors and not just for its associations with Tiffany's and Audrey Hepburn, though it's a dangerously close blue (dangerous and just close because Tiffany & Co. have a copyright on their particular shade of blue).

I love it because it's like nothing else I've seen. It's this weird combination of dusty saturation and pastel that makes this a winner for me, regardless of its famous associations. In the pic above, I tried it with Kinetic Candy as an accent, just for kicks, to see how the blue varied.

Application was alright; three coats for evenness (but I'm learning that with most light colored cremes, this is a good strategy). It dried with a medium gloss so I added top coat for protection and to add a bit more shine to show off (the pic above has no topcoat, btw).

It's gorgeous, and I'm excited to show this off on my fingers all day!

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