Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blue Lagoon (Revlon)

Spring is in!
Blue Lagoon (Revlon)
Price: $4.69
MSRP: $4.99
I finally found the shade of blue I had been hunting for and while I'm excited about the color I can't say the same for the application process.

Blue Lagoon is a lovely looking light blue polish that's truly perfect for spring (and winter, come to think of it). The formula is weird (is it a creme is it a shimmer is it a crimmer?!) and even though it's really thick, it took three coats to even out the formula. It also takes a lot longer to dry than I'm used to (then again I am used to shimmers and quick dry polish). Also, I suspect it's gonna bubble soon.

The color is something to look forward to, however. The light blue is frosty without being icy and it's got bits of silver and white shimmer that kick it up from boring in an attractively subtle way. Unfortunately, pastels have proven a problem to photograph, so imagine the color more blue than it looks in the photos.

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