Saturday, November 10, 2012

Roguish Red (China Glaze)

As ever, I am a clearance fanatic and Sally's had China Glaze's Halloween collection four pack with four full size polishes for $6.99! 
That's like buy 1 get 3 free! Anyway, I couldn't resist grabbing them and first up to swatch is the creme of the pack. 

By that, I don't mean it's the best, just that it is a creme; a shiny very orange red creme. It required three coats to get to opacity and had a tendency to streak so this requires a bit of wait time between coats. It's nothing special and extremely dupable but it's a pretty thing, nonetheless, with great shine before topcoat.

To bring some life to the mani I layered two coats of Glitter Goblin which is an excellent glitter with mostly pumpkin orange round glitters interspersed with green, purple, and silver glitter. I love it!

a bit of blur to bring out the glitter's sparkle

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