Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wall Street (NYC)

Wall Street (NYC)
Price: $1.80
MSRP: $1.99

This is a true-to-bottle-color polish. It's as sheer as it looks in the bottle but this doesn't annoy me much because the color is such a pretty thing.

Isn't that lovely?

I really can't say why it's called Wall Street, I mean do you really think of pastel pearly pinks when you think of the money pit that is Wall Street? The pic above was taken after two coats and no top coat. Application was easy and it dried quickly between coats. I avoided adding a top coat here because I didn't want to gloss up the shine it already had; it's more sheen than shine and I like it that way here. It doesn't look as sheer as it does in the photo above in real life, but it's nothing a third coat or an undercoat of white polish couldn't fix.

I'm so happy I'm having better luck with pinks!

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