Sunday, April 8, 2012

Chelsea (NYC)

2 coats; no topcoat
Chelsea (NYC)
Price: $1.99
MSRP: $1.99
Chelsea is a gorgeous red shimmer with pink undertones. The formula is thin, but not in an annoying way, but because it's meant to be sheer. I'm thinking of layering this over other reds to kick them up a notch. Used independently it needs around three thin coats to lose the visible nail line but I think it's worth the work for that extra third coat. Alternatively, layer it under white or black depending how light or dark you want it to go.

I wish that New York Color (NYC) would create a darker red with this same formula which I think would be the perfect vamp red. I've always liked their shimmers on this scale (Wall Street & Prince Street especially). As it is now, I'll take this one as a favorite go to red that I have to admit, is kept fresh by the pink tones hiding underneath.

3 coats; no topcoat

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