Thursday, March 8, 2012

Prince Street (NYC)

Just ignore the cuticles of doom.

Prince Street (NYC)
Price: $1.99 (CVS)
MSRP: $1.99 
I needed a pick me up after my last dissapointment with Candy-licious and a shitty day so I went after polish in my favorite color. I gasped when I saw this purple on my nails. Gorgeous.

This particular application was done in just two coats, though depending on how thickly you apply a coat, you may get it done in one. Going with more coats however brings out the essence of the color, blues and purple. In natural light, the color is very purple but as you can see in some of these shots, it's a violet blue that takes precedence. It's got no glitter and I can't even call it metallic so I'm going to go with a descriptive of hard pearlescent chrome. It's really quite brilliant on the nails. Purple is the color of royalty and I have to say that Prince Street lives up to it.

The second best part about this polish is how quickly it dries. It's one of the few I can apply in the middle of the day then go about my day without later having to contort my fingers just to handle my things or rummage through my purse. I know that much isn't expected out of cheap nail polish but I'm trying to challenge that- obviously some polish will truly be, you get what you pay for, but this is a stunner for just two bucks! My camera really doesn't do it justice; this color deserves better.

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