Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My First Epic Stain (at least it isn't blue)

Look at the staining on that!

Like I said, worst luck with pinks, the worst! Had this on for a few seconds then decided I wasn’t feeling like another pink so soon after Candy-licious, so I took it off and woah. Even with Essie First Base, that pink went straight through to my nails.

I will say that ever since I started putting nail polish on with some regularity, my nails have been growing better just because I don’t bite them as much. That’s one way to break the habit! Unfortunately, my cuticles aren't feelin' the love as much.

Will post a pic of the purple I decided to go with tomorrow once I get to taking the pics for it, but here's a sample:

note: the little marks on the thumb and small finger are a glare thing from the way my camera flashes

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