Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Deep Purple (Sally Hansen)

Someone tell Sally Hansen to stop punishing me.

Deep Purple (Sally Hansen)
Price: $2.82
MSRP: $2.99
Or at least it feels that way, every single time I wear their Xtreme Wear Nail Color line that is usually around half the price of their other lines. I feel like I'm being punished for not buying the $8 and up polishes because the application process is so challenging!

Deep Purple was a shiny repeat of my experience with Mint Sorbet of the same line. Gorgeous color that I've been looking for... not sure if working to get that color is worth it. Which sucks, because it's opaque in two coats but only if you manage to balance yourself with the thick thick thick quick to lose flexibility of the formula which results in streakiness and unevenness. I also have bubbling after a few minutes of waiting which can be hidden by glitter if I choose to (I'm thinking of adding Cheatin (Pure Ice) since it's the same general purple palette). I will point out that it dries relatively quickly, so that's a definite plus.

The color is as I said lovely. It's a shimmery purple filled with blue tones but in the right light you can catch the more reddish purple micro-shimmer mixed in with the lilac micro-shimmer. I've noticed that when I take flash photos, it always looks bluer than it really is. This is easily explained by the fact that my flash catches whatever color is attracting the light, in this polish's case, the shimmer with blue tones in it.

It's really gorgeous, and purple is my favorite color so ordinarily I should be ecstatic but I'm not pleased. They sacrificed quality with this line in an inexcusable way here that they can't argue is price because I've tried cheaper brands like NYC and Confetti and they hardly ever piss me off this badly. I'd rather do three or four coats with a polish formula that doesn't make me want to throw the bottle at the wall. I'll take sheer and thin over thick and unruly any day. I need to swatch NYC's Prince Street properly and see what the differences in the purples are.

And since I'm being frustrated in general... y'all know you could have had a better name than Deep Purple. I mean come ooon.

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