Thursday, April 12, 2012

Matte Me Crazy (NYC)

Matte Me Crazy (NYC)
Price: $1.24
MSRP: $1.99
I feel like I haven't done a good enough review of Matte Me Crazy. It's publicized as a top coat with matte finish. So instead of making your nails glossier, it makes them matte. Which is pretty cool and gives a lot of flexibility. It's easy to apply and needs only one coat. The difference is pretty immediate and like most matte finishes it dries really quickly. A steal at less than two bucks for something you can use with all your other polishes.

While matte doesn't work for every polish in my opinion, it does interesting things to some polishes, especially glittery and shimmer polish. The pics above are Deep Purple (Sally Hansen) with Cheatin' (Pure Ice) glitter. As you see, matte is still shiny and can attract flash but it's just not glossy.

I will note that I haven't ever used Matte Me Crazy as a long lasting top coat, so I don't know what that may mean for it as one. My recommendation is that you use your normal top coat as usual, then place the matte finish over it (and remember to wrap!) as the last coat. To get back to a glossy shine, just use a non-matte clear polish over it! Simple as that!

Here's a side by side:

Left (glossy); Right (matte)

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