Friday, April 13, 2012

Radio City Rose (NYC)

Radio City Rose (NYC)
Price: $1.89
MSRP: $1.99
I was a bit weary at first because the first thing I thought when I saw Radio City Rose was MoMa (NYC).
But as you can see in the pics it really isn't, and for me that was exciting to have to pinks that I loved working with.

Application was about the same as MoMa, if a bit easier. I took this pics at two coats, which is one less than my MoMa pics, and for a creme it really behaved for me. I really didn't have any complaints here but I can see that others might because it really is your basic high pink with no other definition. I was looking for a pink this good so I'm excited to have it but if you're around 7+ pink polishes deep this might not be for you.

Then again it might! More pink isn't necessarily a bad thing :)

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