Thursday, February 5, 2015

Zoya Mystery Trio! - Anais, Severine, & Charlotte - Peter Som A/W 2014

It took nearly a month, but my Zoya Mystery Trio package finally arrived! These came with my three free polishes from their New Year New Hue promotion. This is a rather large promotion tactic and I expected some stunning shades, perhaps even new textures on the level of their amazing Pixie Dust line.

Alas it was not to be.

They're cute shades, but hardly living up to the anticipation, of a month no less! To make it worse, they are old shades, from the collection created for Peter Som A/W 2014. That and I suppose that as the collection wasn't put up for individual sale, this is one of the few chances to get it. Free polish is free polish, so here we go.

First up is Charlotte, a rather standard neutral beige creme. It's a bit cold for my nails, and I wish it had a bit more warmth to work as a neutral for me. It had a bit of a streaky application and required three coats to cover well. Looks like a good base for nail art for those of you interested.

A frost, oh man. Severine is a desaturated metallic gold. Application was pretty standard for a frost, runny but solid formula that covered in two coats. Still, a frost, but a lovely one! I actually would have liked to have this for the New Year's season.

Last but not least is Anais, my favorite of the collection. It's a black base with the gold shimmer found in Severine that lights it up and saves it from being a a standard black frost. Two coats leaves bald spots, so I suggest three to get it all nicely covered. It's beautiful.

Not bad for a free set, really.

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