Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy 4th of July Weekend w/ Rain Rubber & Red Tired from the SinfulColors Full Throttle Textured Collection

I have enjoyed the offerings of the textured collections from various brands, even sorely regretted missing SinfulColors' own earlier Crystal Crushes textured collection. What I never liked were textured collections that didn't add glitter to their formula which just resulted in awkward looking finishes in my opinion. However, I am prepared to eat my words on the matter, but only for this particular collection. This collection's textures are without glitter but very subtle so as to not look absolutely ridiculous.

My nod to the July 4th weekend festivities:

First up is Red Tired is a lovely amaranth red that applied easily. I will note there was still some VNL at two coats and I couldn't be bothered to go for the third coat. I love how subtle the texture is, visible but not obnoxiously so.

Rain Rubber is an azure blue with absolutely wonderful application. It applied perfectly in two coats with no problems.

These two polishes are definitely enticing me into getting the rest of the Full Throttle collection, especially the pink and orange ones.

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