Sunday, July 6, 2014

Quick Dry (Sinful Colors)

Consumer Reports recently performed a best buy study of nail polish brands out there and in a surprising win SinfulColors won. However, one of the only complaints was that SinfulColors didn't dry as fast as some of the other brands. I found this surprising, as I rate it comparable to China Glaze's drying time, and of course it depends on the polish type- textures dry faster than mattes which dry faster than shimmers which dry faster than cremes which dry faster than jellies.
It is important to note though, that SinfulColors has their own solution to this problem with Quick Dry. I didn't expect much from this product. As a faithful Seche Vite user, l stay critical of quick dry top coats. I was unexpectedly proved wrong. This product does as advertised.

It's not something I could swatch since it dries the polish but maintains the finish. I've tested it on mattes and textures, it just dries the polish without affecting it's finished look which is absolutely perfect. It is not a top coat- doesn't fix/hide minor flaws in applications, doesn't add a glossy shine- but it is a true quick dry.

The consistency is thin and oily and glides easily on the nail without marring the mani. True enough, nails dry quickly and you can touch them or brush them on fabrics, though I'd still be wary of bumping them against sharp or hard surfaces. A great buy, especially for the price.

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