Sunday, June 22, 2014

Samba Collection from NYC Summer 2014 - Part 2: The Coral Candy Colors - Tropicoral & Carnival Red

Continuing on with NYC New York Color's Samba Collection, here are the two corals from this group.

Tropicoral is perfectly matched to its name. It's a yummy coral, leaning towards pink. It applies alright in two coats and I certainly can't complain about the color despite what it did to my camera :)

Carnival Red is almost unrealistically shiny, I actually wanted to post what it did when I hit my flash, which no other polish had done, just to show you how well the gloss caught the light. More than that, you can see how the coral red color moves from pink to red toned depending on what light you'll be under. This one also applied very easily in just two coats. One of my definite favorites from this collection.

The other half of this collection to come, a group of poolside blues and greens and purples :)

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