Saturday, June 21, 2014

Samba Collection from NYC Summer 2014 - Part 1: The Sunny Side Up Colors - Copabanana and Sweet Melon

This collection polishes got me back blogging. I walked by them in a store, did a double take, came back around and put the entirety of the display in my shopping cart.

Copabanana (smiling at this name) is bright yellow with a very slight shimmer to it. It's a yellow so I was ready to be frustrated but it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be, a la Lexington Yellow. It wasn't perfect, and at three coats it could definitely be better, but it's worth the trouble for the color payoff. A summer standard.

Sweet Melon is a pretty looking cantaloupe with an ultra subtle shimmer that I just have to assume they added to make the usually troublesome formula easier and to maybe differentiate this particular cantaloupe shade from what is sure to be in other collections this season. Not sure it worked though; it is quite runny and needs at least three coats to cover and that still didn't fix some of the patchiness. The final color was really gorgeous though, so I might have to bother with it this summer. It's too pretty not to.

Glad to see New York Color coming in strong for the summer!
Next up I'll have the warmer corals from this collection :)

Have you ever impulse bought an entire nail collection at first sight before?

from my instagram:
previewing carnival red and showcasing copabanana and sweet melon in a fun summer mani :)

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