Monday, June 23, 2014

Pacific Blue 2.0 (Sally Hansen)

This Pacific Blue (Sally Hansen) is actually a recent reformulation and not exactly a better one. Pacific Blue 1.0 was superior both in color and formulation.

accent nail is jazzy jade (sally hansen)
 I am unsure of why they kept the name the same, especially since the only thing similar is that they are both in the same color family. Otherwise, this one is a shimmery darker royal blue to the creme periwinkle of the older formula. That and it's not as good in quality- very thin formula and required three to four coats for acceptable coverage (though that thinness gave it an almost jelly like look on the nail which I will accept as nice enough). It's pretty but it needs work.

And a new name.

the original; glad i got it before this particular formula was discontinued!

All our making noise worked!

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