Saturday, December 7, 2013

Rose Bowl (American Apparel) & Office (American Apparel) Swatches & Review

More from my American Apparel Haul!

Rose Bowl is a dusty rose pink creme. The formula for this was a bit thin but it didn't affect application too much. I got opacity in two coats and the little bits of leveling issues will be covered up with topcoat, I'm sure. Gorgeous color.

 I have no earthly idea why American Apparel named this one Office. This is one of the better mint green pastel cremes I've worked with. I was extra careful in anticipation and went with three thin coats, but considering how the formula held up, I could have done one normal and one thin coat and been alright. It's not perfect, but relative to other polishes in this shade, not bad at all. And look how pretty!

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