Friday, December 6, 2013

Mount Royal (American Apparel) Swatch & Review

American Apparel comes under much deserved fire for their usually offensive ads and in my opinion, ridiculous clothing. Whoever they got their nail polish formula from though, deserves thanks, seeing as it's the only American Apparel item I'll be spending any kind of money on (and even then it was because the sale was not directly through AA). The polishes are quite good, so much so that I have a hard time believing that this is their product. I kept checking the logos on the bottles just to make sure I wasn't reading something else (hoping I was, really).

I adore the 15mL bottle design; due to the prevalence of rounded nail polish bottles, square/rectangular shapes always look better to me. I do worry about the glass; unlike some polish bottles I've dropped (thank goodness for sturdy China Glaze glass), I have a feeling that I would definitely get a mess if I dropped these. Due to the shape of the bottles, the brush is very long and it requires some extra care, just to make sure you don't end up with a glob of nail polish dripping down the brush unexpectedly. These are very minor complaints though.

So on to the nail polish itself. Of course, the first one I tried had to be blue (I've never met a blue polish I could walk away from without at least trying it on). Mount Royal is a slightly desaturated blue that leans just a bit toward blurple. I found the formula to be just a bit thin but that didn't work against it much in terms of achieving opacity. Two thin coats of polish and it was perfect.

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