Friday, December 13, 2013

Dynasty (American Apparel) Swatch & Review for Pantone's Radiant Orchid

Pantone released their color of the year for 2014. It's Radiant Orchid and while it is a pretty color, I have a weakness for purple, it is still a bit too cool toned for me. I prefer deeper, richer, saturated shades for my skin tone. It's not a bad looking color, it just wouldn't be my first choice for a color of the year. Try another jewel tone next year, Pantone! We loved Emerald for 2013.

Seamlessly fitting into the recent Radiant Orchid hype, this is Dynasty (American Apparel). It's a slightly muted version of Radiant Orchid. It applies pretty well, but I found the formula a bit thin so three coats would probably be best. Pretty color, I will admit.

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