Saturday, November 30, 2013

Neptune (SinfulColors)

I have no earthly idea why I hadn't swatched this yet. I snagged this early on when it first caught my eye in their incredible Cast Away spring collection last year. I actually had multiple shades from this collection and I stupidly got rid of them thinking I'd come across them again like I do with most SinfulColors collections. I was mistaken. I shed a figurative tear every time I think of the hole that Zeus, Olympia, and Athens, created when they left my stash.

I'm not sure how Neptune escaped the accidental purge but I'm really glad it did. She's a gorgeous dark sea-blue base with silver shimmer all throughout. It's just a little sheer and while you could probably do 2 careful thick coats, make your life easier and just go for 3 easy coats. One of my favorite blues ever, let alone from SinfulColors. I hope that they use their tendency to re-promote with the colors from the Cast Away Collection.

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