Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Athens (Sinful Colors)

Athens (Sinful Colors) is a goooorgeous teal from their Cast Away collection released earlier this year- another collection I missed and one I'm still in pain about because most of the colors were amazing and I can't find them anywhere. Not even on evil bay! Keeping weather eye on them though; this is nailverse, something will come up. For example, Walgreens! They have a tendency of not always keeping their displays nice and tidy- and usually if you look hard enough, you can find one or two polishes from other collections. Hiding amongst the fall colors was this piece of lovely.

This wonderful creme applied perfectly in two coats, so yay for a great formula. It's a bit dusty looking in natural light but it doesn't take away from its loveliness. I'm so glad I found this lurking in the back of the displays. I will warn, though, that you'll need a very good base coat- and probably two coats of it at that- because if there is one thing I know about teal polishes is that they stain!

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