Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cosmetics Arts Haul

Dropped in at Ross and scored some Cosmetic Arts, rarely seen elsewhere (sometimes not even in Ross).

First up is my favorite of the haul, what I believe is Let's Moss Around from this display set. It's a gorgeous smoky mossy green creme that goes on opaque and clean in two coats. I love it. It's perfect for when I want something dark but don't quite want to hit black.

Second up is a vampy red jelly (I didn't even know jellies could vamp) I'm thinking is So Apple-ing. The formula is a bit sheer and required a minimum of four coats, which I didn't appreciate after Let's Moss Around. That and it stains. It also doesn't photograph accurately (except for the VNL which is an issue); the color is more like what it looks like in the bottle, not what the camera caught on the nail. It's got the squishy jelly look though, which is made all the more interesting when you see it in its dark red shade.

Last but not least is a lovely blue creme I have no available name for. It's a beautiful two coat dark blue that I'm counting in the tardis blue stash (RTD!Who; it's a bit too dark and smoky for Moffat!Who).

All in all, a great vampy steal from the same people who make Color Club polishes. It's just too bad they never bothered with putting the names on these!

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