Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sticks 'n Stones (Ninja Polish)

Guess what I just got in the mail?!

I have pretty much stayed out of (and remained mostly ignorant) the Lynderella hype and ensuing drama and I remain especially picky about indie polish shades because of the extra cost- that shipping will kill your soul- and sometimes there's an honestly more affordable version somewhere (I'm all for supporting indie brands but I'm a college student on a budget with a growing nail polish problem; I've got to be sensible about my madness). There hasn't ever been a swatch of indie polish that made me beg for it across the ether till the black and white craze hit. In my humble and amateur opinion, I think Sticks 'n Stones (Ninja Polish) won that battle. I know it's supposed to be a cover of the Lynnderella, but I think it looks better on swatches online than its predecessor and I'll upfront tell you I wasn't willing to what nowadays has to be done to get a Lynnderella polish.

The verdict?

I love it. I sincerely hope I won't get so crazy as to use it with every single mani I do. I mean really, I adore this. Application was good; the Ninja Polish brushes are medium width which I love because I can't stand too thin or too wide brushes. It takes some managing to get a perfect mix of black and white differently shaped glitter but maybe the best part is that there is no perfect mix.

I wanted to try it out on different polish finishes and colors; I chose a darker shimmer, a mid-tone red, a pastel lilac, and a bright yellow.

no flash
w/ flash

I used two coats of the polish as it was right out of the bottle with no thinner. However, I'm pretty sure I will be using thinner on it a few times. This happens with most glitter polish though.

Obviously it looks best on the darker pastel where you can see the white and black polish pretty clearly. The red looks great not just because red, black, and white is the most classic of combos but for the same reasons- you can see both color glitters on it. Managing the bar glitters was the most difficult part of this but it turned out alright I think.

Did I mention I love this glitter?!

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