Sunday, August 26, 2012

Irish Green (Sinful Colors) for Neon Irish Jelly (NOTD)

I've been debating whether to stash or clean out this color. Irish Green (Sinful Colors) is a jelly neon green that strongly reminds me of that green highlighter I avoided using in high school. I  had to apply it over a white base (which is what is streaky and lumpy in the pic) for it to come through clearly. Afterwards, I was underwhelmed which wasn't Irish Green's fault and decided to top it with Sticks 'n Stones (Ninja Polish). I then wanted to play a little with the jelly formula, so I added a coat of Irish Green for the above result which I am calling Neon Irish Jelly in my head. I also tried putting a matte coat of NYC's Matte Me Crazy and loved that but was unfortunately nowhere near a camera to capture that.

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