Thursday, July 26, 2012

Harvest Moon (China Glaze)

Hello gorgeous copper foil I didn't know I needed in my life... actually, I knew I needed it in my life, it's just too bad my budget at the time wouldn't allow. *eyes college loans* I got this at Sally's for around half-price; it seems they've tossed this collection in the bargain bins and are ready to ring in the new. This works out for me as I managed to get Stone Cold as well! I almost got Electrify and Agro but they hadn't called out to me like Riveting (which I got right when the collection came out), Harvest Moon, and Stone Cold had. I'll admit I'm tempted to go back and get Agro anyway, but we'll see how much temptation I can resist.

Anyway, Harvest Moon is a lovely smooth as butter foil. It takes some getting used to, to apply a foil after so many cremes and shimmers, but once that's down, it's easy application and quick drying coats. I used two coats and was satisfied with the coverage. If you haven't yet acquired some of the Hunger Games collection, it should have saturated the nail polish market enough that the price has gone way down so go seek and you shall probably find!

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