Saturday, April 28, 2012

Empire State Blue (NYC)

Empire State Blue (NYC)
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I'm going to go ahead and call this a duochrome... ish. Empire State Blue is not entirely blue. As you can see from the pictures it seems to shift from green (it's got gold shimmer in it that makes it look green) to blue but it's not so perfectly duochrome that the shift is always there. It largely depends on how much light and what kind of light is shining on it at a particular angle.

I tried to coax this effect out by moving my fingers around as I took the pics and I think I sort of managed it. However, whether it's a duochrome or not it is absolutely beautiful. The blue and gold shimmer is so stark and present that it always gives it an extra kick wherever it is. It takes around four coats- the pictures are with three coats and no topcoat- but it's so easy to apply it doesn't feel like extra work.

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