Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dusky Orchid (Frankenpolish)

Look what I made!

My first frankenpolish is an accidental mix of multiple polishes to create this lovely dusky grey lavender.

First, I used a good chunk of Wall Street (NYC) and mixed it with East Village (NYC). This turned it an odd color of purple and I my gut told me to add Blue Bombshell (Confetti) which is a gorgeous blue which ensured how blue the purple remained. To add some volume and because I didn't want to lose so much of the three main polishes I added Soft White (Milani) to keep it fluid because Soft White is extremely runny and is basically pigmentless; I then added French White (L.A. Colors) because I wanted a white that could enhance how pastel it was looking overall. The gold glitter comes from the Julep bottle I used after getting rid of Oscar (Julep) by a horrid combination of water and nail polish remover. I don't mind the glitter because it's sparse enough that it just adds to the polish. 

The result is this wonderful almost blue-grey lavender shimmer. I absolutely adore how soft and pearly it looks. So excited!

I desperately need to buy me some empty mini nail polish bottles so I can do more of this. I'm actually glad that most of my polishes are in the $1 to $2 range so I can have fun playing with them. It was so fun doing this!

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