Thursday, April 19, 2012

Broadway Burgundy Frost (NYC)

Broadway Burgundy Frost (NYC)
Price: $0.99
MSRP: $0.99
Broadway Burgundy Frost is a misnomer because this certainly is not a frost. What it is, is a burgundy pink jelly base with bright red shimmer. The shimmer is just large and plentiful enough that it makes the polish look bright red in natural light and in flash photography. I'm tagging it red because that's what it ends up looking like. The jelly base is also thin enough that if you touch your nail after the polish, you can feel the particles of shimmer. 

three coats; no top coat

Application was easy; it is a thin polish but I found it easy to control. It is sort of sheer despite the richness of the color so a coat of a red, pink, or black base might be a good idea. I used three coats for the picture above. Also, more coats just creates better and better color in my opinion and considering the first coat's color is gorgeous, this is only an improvement.

I recommend a top coat both to avoid chipping and smooth out the texture which pumps up the gloss and gives the shimmer even more shine.

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