Thursday, March 22, 2012

Roaring Mint (NOTD)

Roaring Mint: Mint Sorbet (NYC); Riveting (China Glaze)

Mint Sorbet sure is a hard color to capture on camera.  However, that difficulty is what makes it such a gorgeous mint to have on my nails. Creamy yummy goodness; it's just too bad it can only exist as a creme. 

I have decided that I simply will not ago about my day without Riveting somewhere on my nails so I decided to do some leopard print (which I'm getting better at it's just too bad the topcoat streaked the black rings and spots). I'm also relatively pleased with this application and it is probably the best I've done with a creme. 

Progress. Small but there, trust me. 
Or if you don't, look through the tags and see for yourself :)

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