Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Big Money Frost (NYC)

I accidentally went fall today.

Big Money Frost (NYC)
Price: $0.99
MSRP: $0.99
I just couldn't get away from having Riveting on at least one finger and I really wanted to try out Big Money Frost from NYC that could work as a spring shimmer/metallic and a fall color too (I also wish I had this green owned before St. Patrick's Day).

The application was as smooth as metallics and shimmers always are for me *glares at all her cremes* but it was a bit sheer so I did three/four coats. The pictures below show what it looks like after two coats with varying amounts of polish on the brush. I generally expect sheers/metallics to act like this so this isn't necessarily a criticism, especially for $0.99.

Too bad I won't be keeping it on too long, it's a really soft color to have on and I like it on my nails.

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