Friday, January 10, 2014

L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Gold Dust: The Statement Piece & Hidden Gems

This lovely champagne looker here is The Statement Piece from L'Oreal's new Gold Dust textured polish collection. It applies with no issues at all and is perfect at two coats. I made a sound when I first got it on my nail because it's so pretty! I'm kind of sad that the holiday season is over because this would have been absolutely perfect but you best believe I'll be rocking it at the first opportunity in-season or not! If you get one bottle from this collection, grab this one.

Hidden Gems is a deceptive one.  In the bottle, there's a "hidden gem" of a purple sheen in all the black, teal, and silver glitter that sold me on buying the bottle but unfortunately, it's nowhere to be found on the nail. The teal is kind of cool, mixed in with the black glitter and the silver gives it extra pop, so it does redeem this polish but after The Statement Piece my standards were set pretty high. Application was not that great at three coats and it dried pretty quick though I find that to be so with most textures.

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