Sunday, January 5, 2014

Black Magic aka Purple/Gold (Forever 21) Sand Lacquer

I sincerely hope the texture trend doesn't end any time soon. I feel like it forces brands to get more inventive with their glitter/shimmer combos, and that can transfer to non-texture shades- it's certainly evident every time I put around two coats of topcoat on these polishes to get them smooth and they are just startlingly gorgeous.

Forever 21 came in extremely late with their texture polishes but they made up for their lack of punctuality with some great shades. Black Magic (called Purple/Gold on the bottle) has to be my absolute favorite. I missed it the first go round, but they recently revamped their line, down to the bottle shape, and they brought this lovely darling back (so if you missed the Sand Lacquers the first time around, they have even more shades out now).

I had no application issues; I used two coats but a careful single coat could have done. The color is fascinating. In low light, this polish looks black with gorgeous sparkle; in indoor lighting, it looks like a very dark purple base packed in with all kinds of multi-colored fine glitter; in sunlight it comes absolutely alive and reminds me of NASA pics of galaxies.

I was in somewhat of a rush, so I put a layer of quick dry topcoat on  but trust me, that made no difference and it was still as textured as ever, it just dried faster. As for wear, these pics were taken after two days of wear and I did experience some tip wear; I'll add that I don't keep nail polish very well, and that I am a recovering (badly) nail biter. I definitely recommend checking out the rest of the line. Forever 21 surprised me here, even if they were a little late to the party.

What brand do you think did texture best this past year? What do you think of the texture trend's persistence?

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