Sunday, September 1, 2013

Not A Cloud In Sight (L'Oreal)

Happy Labor Day!!

or alternatively,

Happy Back to Hogwarts Day for fellow HP geekers!!

In deference to what I consider the unofficial end of the summer mark, I picked out the polish that did everything it could to evoke summery feels. Not A Cloud In Sight (L'Oreal) is a bright aquamarine creme that really does feel like a cloudless sky (and seeing as where I am the weather is pushing past 100 degrees, it's definitely a perfect polish for the day). My one squabble is the application. The formula's actually pretty great and would be opaque in two coats if it wasn't for the brush. It's a very wide and thick brush and it never lets me control it the way I want. This almost always means a third coat and/or streaky bald spots. If you overcome that bit, however, the color payoff is worth the trouble.


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    1. Thank you!
      I kept getting distracted by its color all day.


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