Monday, September 2, 2013

12. J is for Jet Set To Paris (L'Oreal)

When I began the alphabet challenge, I thought it would be the easiest thing- no nail art, no special requirements other than the polish begin with a letter of the alphabet, in order. It all went pretty well till I came up on the letter 'J'. It's almost absurd how hard it was to find a polish with the letter 'J' that I liked.

J is for Jet Set To Paris (L'Oreal).

A trip to my local drugstore changed that. Jet Set To Paris (L'Oreal) is a goooorgeous dark blue creme. Application was marred only by L'Oreal's too wide-too thick brushes but the formula was solid 
and with extra care I had opacity in two coats. As a plus it also dries pretty quickly. It needs a top coat to get the shine to come through and really bring out the loveliness of the color.

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