Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tudor City Teal (NYC) - NYC Cosmetics Spring 2013

Just when I thought NYC cosmetics had given up on their incredibly affordable "Long Wearing Nail Enamel" line, they surprised me. I was walking by their display in my local CVS when this beauty caught my eye, and it's easy to see why.

Tudor City Teal is a delectable minty teal creme with a color pay off that's perfect for spring. Application was a bit troublesome; it is quite sheer (in fact I thought it might be a jelly) and streaks and drags up to the second coat. Though a third coat applied carefully and giving time for the other coats to dry covers well enough. The formula was very thin, but it fixed itself as I carried on with the application and it got a chance to thicken from exposure to the air.

Despite these issues, at $0.99 Tudor City Teal is worth the trouble (though I can't guarantee it's worth the trouble of the mint chocolate chip ice-cream craving I'm having :p). If you see it around your local store and you haven't a color like this yet, definitely grab it for your polish stash.


  1. Oooooh digging that, definitely buying this! I was looking at it at Target and just could not decide...

    1. It's so fab and at such an excellent price!


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